Work Schedule

MondayOld Mill Solar- Paul   Old Mill Evening - Paul, Tim ( THIS STARTS in JULY)
Solar @ OBS-  Lynn
TuesdaySolar - Jerry
Evening: Carole (store), Brian, Glen, Jerry, Tim, Grant, Rae, Larry, Tori, Katie, Don
Program- BobGreeter- Larry/Sara?
WednesdaySolar - Brian Kids Class- Matt, Rae, Tori,( helping with solar too)
Evening: Carole (store) Brian, Glen, Jerry, Tim, Kevin, Sara, Katie, Tori, Grant, Don, Lynn
Shay/Tim @ Lodge    Program- Glen   Greeter  - Sara/Katie
ThursdaySolar- JerryKids Class- Matt, Rae, Tori ( helping with solar too)
Evening: Carole (store) Brian, Jerry, Shay, Sara, Lynn, Tori, Rae, Larry, Grant, Glen
Program-  Jerry  Greeter  - Sara/Grant
FridaySolar- BrianKids Class- Matt, Rae, Tori ( helping with solar too)
Evening- Carole ( store) Brian, Jerry, Sara, Kevin, Tori, Mark, Larry, Don, Rae, Grant
Shay/Tim @ Lodge  Lynn- 2nd Tern/Lodge  Program- Jerry   Greeter  - Sara/Rae
SaturdaySolar- Paul/ plus alt solar assistant (Rae, Tori, Grant) as needed
Evening- Carole (store) Brian, Sara, Kevin, Mark, Don, Paul, Tim, Rae, Thomas, Penny, Lynn
Program- Bob/Thomas   Greeter  - Sara/Tori
SundaySolar- Lynn/ plus alt solar assistant ( Rae, Tori, Grant) as needed
Eveining- Sara ( store) Brian, Paul, Jerry, Tori, Katie, Tim, Larry, Lynn,, Kevin, Rae
Program- Lynn   Greeter  - Larry/ Tori
Our next meeting addressing staff ideas, will be held on Tuesday, June 24th at 6:30pm. Please send your
agenda items by Sunday, June 22nd.  Pizza will be provided. We are loading up the optics trailer for Golden State
Star Party at 5:45pm, so if a few of you can help Larry and I, that would be good, and you get paid!