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On Wednesday and Friday morning, we offer classes in Rocketry! Come build and fly rockets with us.

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Brothers Star Party




Brothers Star Party is planned for July 20th- 24th,  2017




The Brothers Star Party- formerly the Mt. Bachelor Star Party, is Central Oregon's newest dark site star party.


After spending many years on Mt Bachelor enjoying dark skies and sometimes incredible weather, the Oregon Observatory at Sunriver has a new star party home. 

Our Brothers Star Party location is just 42 miles east of Bend and a bit over 2 ½ miles off of US 20 on a good gravel and dirt road.  The elevation of the site is right at 4600 feet and the sky is dark, dark, dark.   

We’ve had three star parties at this site and the attendees have given this location a solid “thumbs up.”

The Brothers site is huge and there’s plenty of room for the largest RV’s as well as lots of places to set up.  There are virtually unobstructed views to the western, southern and eastern sky. The tiny “town” of Brothers is about 2 miles away east on Highway 20 and they close up tight about 6 PM. 

The Brothers Star Part is a fund raiser for the Oregon Observatory at Sunriver

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for more photos and comments from past attendees.


 Please contact us at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Check us out on the 

 Brothers Star Party Facebook page.

Coming soon, click here for the 2017 Registration Form 

Brothers Star Party

2017 Registration Form

Please Print…                                              July 20-24, 2017




Full Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________________


Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________


City: _________________________________  State/Province ___________________________ Zip/Postal Code: ______________


Telephone: (           ) _______________________________    E-Mail: ___________________________________________________


Registration Fees (All Fees listed in U.S. Funds):


Please Check Appropriate Registration Fee:                                                                                                      On Site                    Sub Total


                  Admission:                                                                                                                                              ___ x $45.00            $ _________

                  (Includes admission to all programs and door prize tickets)


                  Indicate number of guests over 18: ____                                                                                         ___ x $45.00             $ _________


                  Children 18 and under accompanied by an adult:                       Free



                                                                                                                                                                                    Total Enclosed          $ _________



Rules and Regulations:   All attendees need to read the rules and regulations published on the Brothers Star Party web site:  This star party is being held near Brothers, Oregon.  This is a primitive site.  There are portable toilets provided at this location.  You will need to bring your own food, water and accommodations.   There is trailer, RV, and tent space available on site.   Telescopes can be set up next to your selected space at the site.   Limited supplies are available in Brothers, Bend, OR. Is the nearest large city approximately 45 miles to the West.


Payment Method:  Checks must be in U.S. funds payable to:      Oregon Observatory.

There will be a $25.00 fee charged on checks returned by the bank due to insufficient funds.  Registration confirmation/receipt and further information will be mailed.


Please check payment method with an X:               _____ Check                ______    PayPal      E-Mail to PayPal:



Please mail, E-Mail or Fax completed registration form with payment to:   

Brothers Star Party

Oregon Observatory

PO Box 3533

Sunriver, OR 97707


Contact Information:                               Website:

                                                                        Phone: (541) 593-4442  Admin. Office -10am-5pm

                                                                        Phone: (541) 598-4406  Observatory – leave message

                                                                        Email:      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Astronomy Courses

The Oregon Observatory offers benchmark classes for school groups grade 3 through grade 8 on several topics. Each class takes between 2-2.5 hours and are available either on-site, or off-site. There is a maximum of 35 students per program, with 5 adult chaperones.

Space Exploration

Students will explore past, current and future space exploration projects. The topics change depending on what projects are currently being undertaken.

Class covers parts of:

Benchmarks for Earth in Space

Curriculum Goal for the Universe

Curriculum Goal for Science and Technology




Earth's Place in the Solar System

Our Earth plays a very interesting role in our solar system. This class focuses on Earth's relationship with the Sun and nearby planets. Students will learn about the Earth, the Moon, Venus, Mars, and their behavior in space. They will study our planet and others to evaluate day & yearly cycles, and take a look at how they relate to the seasons as well as our Sun. The class will use models and globes to help students gain a better understanding about our Solar System and other star systems!

Class covers parts of:

Benchmarks for Earth in Space

Curriculum Goal for the Universe

Unifying Concepts and Processes


Rocket Science 101

This class will construct and use model rockets to explore Newton's laws of gravity and the application of force. Students will have fun while learning firsthand how gravity affects us. The students will be able to keep the rockets they construct and launch.

Class covers parts of:

Benchmarks for Physical Science - Force

Curriculum Goal for Science and Technology

Benchmarks for Scientific Inquiry



Solar Observation

The Sun is the closest star that we can see, and the only one that we can see as more than a point of light. By understanding how our sun functions and changes, we can apply that information to the light of the stars we see at night to learn more about them. Students will view the sun through special solar telescopes that filter out much of the light from the Sun for safe observations.

Class covers parts of:

Benchmarks for Earth in Space

Curriculum Goal for Unifying Concepts and Processes

Additional Benchmarks for Grades 6-8




Reservations are available months ahead of time, but should be made no later than 2 weeks prior to the date of your intended visit. If available, the date(s) of your visit will be reserved upon receipt of either a 50% deposit, a purchase order number, or credit card information. Contact us for more information or to make your reservation.

Location of Classes

Classes are offered either on-site at the Oregon Observatory or off-site at a location designated by you.

Fees for Educational Programs

The Space Exploration, Earth's Place in the Solar System, and Solar Observations classes are $140.00** for a group of up to 35 students and 5 adult chaperones. The Rocket Science 101 class is $16.00 per student, up to a maximum of 35 students and 5 adult chaperones.

Refunds and Cancellations

To receive a full refund, cancellations must be made 48 hours or more in advance of your visit. If a class is canceled due to weather, you may either reschedule or receive a full refund.

**All prices for classes include travel within a 30 mile radius of Sunriver if not held at the Oregon Observatory. Travel outside of the radius will be billed at 40.5¢ per mile plus travel time.

For the best sightseeing in Sunriver, you have to come
out at night.  

We offer nightly viewing in the summer, with guided constellation tours and expert assistance. Whether you're an accomplished amateur astronomer or a first timer, you'll be amazed by the views we have to offer. 

The Oregon Observatory is open six nights a week, Tuesday-Sunday, in the summer. We plan to be open on Wednesday and Saturday nights in September and October in 2016 (See our hours of operation).


 Not able to make it to Sunriver, be sure to check out our staff at the Worthy Hopservatory in Bend!




While every night is different, a typical evening program between June 15th and Labor Day goes something like this:

Typical Schedule (Times will vary slightly and program will begin earlier during winter months)

8:00pm (Fall and Winter)
Guests arrive at 8:00pm in the fall and winter. DRESS WARM! In winter, serious cold weather or ski gear is required. In summer, prepare for Central Oregon temperature swings of up to forty degrees - a jacket, long pants, hat, and insect repellent are recommended. Guests pay their admission at the Nature Center building, receive a glow stick as proof of admission, then head out to the observatory for viewing and getting oriented! Telescopes will already be aimed at a variety of objects and ready for viewing. Guests will also have the opportunity to operate Dobsoninan telescopes behind the Observatory - after a quick lesson with one of our staff members - while waiting for darkness to properly set in.

8:30pm (Winter)
Evening presentation begins in the Pozzi education building or in the open-air amphitheater, both of which are located adjacent to the Nature Center. This is a fun introduction to astronomy and the cosmos suitable for the entire family. From time to time, guest speakers will give more specialized talks.

9:00pm (Winter)
Guests return to the Observatory for more spectacular viewing under dark skies. If the skies are clear and the moon cooperates, nebulae and galaxies light years away will be easily visible in the cool Central Oregon nights. In the summer, the Milky Way fills the sky, meteors zip by, and there's no better place on Earth.  Guest occasionally get a chance to see the International Space Station or watch an "Iridium flare" from satellites as they pass by.   

9:30pm (Winter)
One of our staff will guide you through the constellations and explain some of the mythology behind them using a brilliant green laser that appears to reach out and touch the stars. Guests are welcome to continue looking deep into the cosmos with telescopes pointed either by themselves or by the staff at this time.

10:00pm (Winter)
Guests enjoy their final viewing, and return home with a better understanding of our universe.   

Safe solar viewing — Stare all you want.

Join us for solar viewing every day during the summer and on Saturdays in the fall and spring. See the sun through our filtered telescopes to get an unbelievable, and safe view, of the Sun (as you have no doubt been told many times, do not look directly at the sun without proper equipment).

Our star is a churning maelstrom of hot gases with far more features than you might think. Look for sunspots as big as Earth in our white light filtered telescope. See surface details and loops of gas called prominences in our hydrogen-alpha filtered telescopes. Staff will gladly explain what you are looking at, and for.

We also take some of our telescopes on the road for safe viewing elsewhere in Central Oregon (check our Outreach page for days and locations). Solar eclipse coming up? Come watch it with us. We'll set up the telescopes and you bring your eyes. We are making arrangements for a viewing location for the total solar eclipse in August of 2017, the first total solar eclipse visible in the United States since 1979!

 Our solar viewing program has a suggested admission of $4 for adults and $2 for kids 5-12, as a thank you for your support you will receive solar viewing glasses.