Private Star Parties

Planning a family reunion or business conference in the area? Want to throw a unique birthday party or host a special event?  Book the Oregon Observatory for a night of star-gazing! You and your group are able to rent the observatory and enjoy the views in a more intimate setting without the public. Private parties include our knowledgeable staff on hand to position telescopes on some of the most exciting objects our skies have to offer, as well as answering your cosmic questions. Arrangements can also be made to use the Pozzi building in conjunction with your private star parties.  One-hour and two-hour sessions are available on many nights during the fall, winter, and spring.

1-Hour: $180

2-Hours: $250



This service provides a staff member with telescopes traveling to, or near* your location for an event. This a great option for those not wanting to travel to the observatory with a large group. In the past we have also serviced local resorts hosting a variety of corporate events.

*Please note, while it would be really fun to have Astronomer-on-the-GO set up in your backyard, some locations may not provide the best viewing due to buildings, trees, or simply too much light pollution to see some the best objects in the sky. In these cases a suitable location near your event may be used in lieu of your exact location.  


Rent the Observatory

Rent the Observatory is for the more serious amateur astronomer, astrophotographers, or researcher in mind. A staff member is provided to assist if need be. However, the client will be free to use the observatory and telescopes for their viewing, photography or research needs.  



Call us at (541)-593-4442 to book our facility or for more information.

Viewing Opportunities Elsewhere in Central Oregon

You don't have to drive all the way to Sunriver to peer through our telescopes. During the summer season you can find us looking at the Sun in a variety of places around Central Oregon. You can also find representatives from the Observatory at various star parties around the Northwest. We make the yearly trek to Golden State Star Party, Oregon Star Party, Table Mountain Star Party, Brothers Star Party, and many others. Come find us for astronomy equipment, or just say hello!

Astronomer-on-the-Go is a staff member with telescopes that will come to you and your special event!

Along with our kids classes for building and launching rockets, the Observatory also takes part in a number of rocket launch events. The Oregon Observatory is the largest retail outlet for low to high powered rocketry supplies in the Northwest. Be sure to look for us at Oregon Rocketry public launches and other regional launches.