Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory Expansion

The Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory is currently engaged in the process of expanding, updating, and renovating our current facilities and grounds. The current plans are in early development and include: construction of a dedicated maintenance building, a rehabilitation hospital, renovation of the current Nature Center into an education building, construction of a new Nature Center interpretive building, a viewing platform and outdoor classroom, parking lot expansion and restructuring, creation of an entry plaza, a second roll-off building for the Observatory, and a planetarium that also functions as a lecture hall and theatre. If you are interested in contributing to either of these projects or to the Nature Centers' plans for improvement, please contact 


Observatory Projects

Many of you may be aware of our recent addition of two large aperture telescopes and the roll of buildings that house them. The addition of these two telescopes and the increased area for our program have greatly improved the quality of not only our viewing, but also the experience of all those visiting the Observatory. Continuing this idea of improvement, the Observatory is planning two major additions and renovations in the upcoming years.

Second Observatory Roll-Off: We are currently raising funds to build a second roll-off building identical to the current Starport on the east side of the dome. This building will possibly be home to several new solar telescopes as well as new displays and exhibits. Included in this project is a complete overhaul of our current exhibits to a more professional level. Though it may be home to solar telescopes, this building and some of the telescopes will also be open and used for our evening program. The additional space will better allow us to accommodate the larger and larger crowds we have been seeing at the Observatory (though currently one of our greatest limitations is the parking area, also being expanded in the next year or so). This project is in the fundraising phase  and should be started and completed by the end of 2017, if we meet our fundraising goals. We need your help to make this a reality! 

Planetarium and Theatre: The idea of having a planetarium has been suggested many times throughout the years. Not only will this building offer amazing new opportunities for the Observatory to expand the daytime activities it offers, but it would also serve as a lecture hall and theatre and possibly the location of gaining admittance to Observatory (to separate the Nature Center daily programs from Observatory evening program). This will provide a modern and professional space for use not only by the Observatory but also for use by the Nature Center and will be used to host guest lecturers, school programs, presentations by both parts of the organization, or as a space for a variety groups to conduct meetings and forums. This project constitutes one of the largest single costs of the expansion plans, and as such, fundraising will likely take several years and construction is not likely to begin prior to 2017/2018

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