The Oregon Observatory has long history of public viewing of the Sun. We started many years just viewing with our white light filters, then we purchased a H-Alpha filter by Del Woods of Daystar. Things have changed over the years, but our public programs operate a white light filter and a H-Alpha filter, and some times, even a Calcium Telescope!

Here is a list of our dedicated solar telescopes that we use at the observatory, or during our outreach programs:


Brown Family 90mm Coronado Double Stack: Jan and Tracy Brown have been avid solar viewers and volunteers at the observatory for many years. They had this wonderful, pre-Meade, Coronado 90mm Double Stack telescope that they decided would be a wonderful addition to our solar program. What a wonderful tool! If you have ever looked through a true 90mm Coronado H-Alpha filter, you are in for a treat. This scope has matched filters by the old Coronado, which is two 90mm front mounted blocking filters and a BF30 in line filter, with 1.25 diagonal. The views through this scope are 3D

Lunt 60mm H- Alpha telescope (Pending): This "could" be a new addition to our solar scope group. In 2013, we will be testing this scope, and hopefully adding it to the observatory for outreach programs. Just looking for a donor....

SRWC Coronado 60mm Double Stack: The Sunriver Women's Club donated through two grants over the years for this wonderful telescope. This is a pre-Meade, Coronado 60mm telescope, that originally had front 60mm filter, and has a BF15 diagonal. We added the second front filter with the second grant. This scope was the main stay of our public solar program, until we got the 90mm. Now the SRWC 60mm is the go to scope for our outreach programs. Excellent images and great detail in this very portable scope.

Foltz Coronado 40mm Double Stack: Back in the day, when dedicated solar telescopes were new, the Coronado 40mm was state of the art, This scope was updated by Coronado, with a new optical tube prior to Coronado being purchased by Meade.This scope has two 40mm front mounted filters and a BF10 diagonal. This scope is very popular to be piggy-backed on a scope with a white light filter, or when our outreach programs needs that extra scope.

Cerullo Family Coronado PST: Nothing like a PST to get you into viewing of the Sun! Our PST is a pre-Meade telescope, and is used everywhere. It is a great outreach telescope, and is used as a retail demo. Our scope has been all over the place, and has some of the best viewing for such a portable scope. 

Daystar Quantum 5A solar Filter: This is the one that started it all! This was the start of our solar program. Many years ago, we had a 6A filter, and right before Coronado started to sell solar scopes, we ordered the 5A filter, and then a few years ago, we upgraded it to a  new Quantum version, that runs off 12V ( the old version was 120V), and we are working with this filter to see how to fit it into our solar programs. The plan is to use one of our Tele Vue telescopes. 

We have a wide selection of Thousand Oaks, Orion, Seymour Solar white light filters. We use them on all sorts of scopes. We now also have worked in the new Herschal Wedge diagonals from Lunt Solar Systems. Great way to view the Sun at the Oregon Observatory at Sunriver.