Jovian Giants Through June!

on Tuesday, 09 April 2013.

Jupiter and Saturn grace our skies, and Venus moves to join them soon

Jupiter, king of the planets, will continue to outshine all other stars in the sky until later this April, when Venus (which was very nearly on the exact opposite side of the Sun on April 1) will begin making an appearance in the western sky shortly after sunset. The only objects brighter than these two planets in the sky are the Moon and our Sun (join us for Solar viewing every Saturday 11am-2pm). We will still be able to view Jupiter until mid-June, but as one gas giant prepares to leave our skies, another approaches. 

Saturn, lord of the rings, is finally rising early enough for viewing during our evening program (Wednesdays and Saturdays 8pm-10pm). Check the weather forecast (on our Astronomy Resources page) and dress warmly for spectacular viewing of the two largest planets in the Solar System and some of their moons as well as our own Moon (you can find a Moon phase calendar on our resources page as well, generally, we can view the Moon three days after new Moon until one day after full).

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