Springtime at the Oregon Observatory

on Tuesday, 17 February 2015. Posted in Observatory Articles

Spring is fast approaching and with it more opportunities for viewing at the Oregon Observatory. This winter has been unlucky for us as the weather has been less than cooperative. The weekend preceding President's Day we finally got a break from the clouds and had some great viewing of Jupiter, some early viewing of Venus, Comet Lovejoy, and of course the Great Nebula in Orion as well as some other wintertime treats not visible during the summer months.

Thanks to everyone who braved the freezing temperatures to join us for for our evening program! As well as those that stopped by during the day to get a peek at the Sun!

The next dates we will be open will be during Spring Break, a detailed schedule of when we will be open can be found here. As well as on our front page and events calendar. Following Spring Break we switch to our spring hours and will be open Wednesdays and Saturdays for evening viewing, and Saturdays for Solar viewing.

Venus will be staying up later and later as it swings out from the Sun and chases us in our orbit. Because Venus is inside of Earth's orbit, it goes through phases similar to the Moon. As it catches up to us in August it will be visible as a thin crescent before passing between us and the Sun and then will be visible in the morning sky rather than the evening sky.

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