Summer at the Oregon Observatory

on Wednesday, 18 June 2014.

The Oregon Observatory at Sunriver is now operating on it's summer schedule! We are open six nights a week from 9PM-11PM (every night but Monday) and every day for solar viewing from 11AM-2PM until Labor Day. Come join us for a night of star gazing that is truly out of this world.

Jupiter is making a dash towards the western horizon and soon will be too close to the sun for us to see during our evening program. If you want to catch a glimpse of the largest planet in our solar system join us before July! In mid-July Earth's faster orbit will put the Sun between us and Jupiter and several weeks later Jupiter will be visible in the morning sky before sunrise.

No need to fear as Saturn is here! As Jupiter slips away Saturn is moving into prime position for viewing. Saturn will be visible during our evening program for most of the summer. Come check out the glorious rings of this gas giant as well as a sampling of some of it's 65 moons.

Not to be left out, Mars, is also gracing our skies for the majority of the summer. The red planet is bright and easily about halfway up the sky nearly due south shortly after sunset.

We are also currently approaching third quarter Moon, which provides excellent dark skies for viewing the fainter objects like galaxies and nebulae. New Moon will be on June 27, and the days that follow the new Moon are an excellent time get a great view of the closest object to the Earth as well as the faint distant galaxies!

Kids classes are available for the summer as well. Come build and launch your own rocket or telescope. More information on our kids classes can be found here.

Hope to see you out here under clear skies!

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